Saturday, October 4, 2008

Quickly Running Out of Ways to Title These

Another episode of Fringe, more letters in the sky! Hm... perhaps I should start actually talking about the episodes, as well? Well, so far, we've got two FBI agents and a father/son science team as the protagonists. In previous weeks, they've dealt with some guy who made explosions and chemical weapons, some sort of clone, and mentally broadcasted terrorist attacks. All well and good. The father/son scientist team are pretty decent, I think. The father (Doctor Walter Bishop) was in an asylum for seventeen years and is somewhat responsible for a lot of the fringe science stuff going on. The son is a shiftless wanderer who is, nevertheless, really smart. I think his name is Peter. The FBI agents are Olivia Scott and Astrid. We know nothing about Astrid. Olivia is new to investigating the fringe science things. She's going to end up with Peter, most likely.

Ah, the most current episode introduced the Observer, who is a man who seemingly can't feel or taste. He's in the photos of a lot of fringe science cases (referred to on the show as "The Pattern" cases) and he has no hair or eyebrows. I like him. Ah, there's also a bunch of rigmarole involving a vibrating cylinder and a guy with a really powerful gun. Oh, and the Observer might be psychic or something. A decent episode, really. Well, that's my muddled synopsis/review. Here's the letters in the sky:

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