Sunday, August 17, 2008

Random Bits

I need a better color scheme for this Blog, I do, and perhaps a different colored-logo. Way back when, when I first started using the logo (it was nearly ten years ago! I recycle!) the whole white text on black thing wasn't as done much now as it was then. Granted, it was still around, but not to the extent it is now. So I need to make this Blog a bit more flashy, I do. I don't know why I'm telling you all of this, as when you read this, I'll already have changed things, perhaps more than once.

In any case, I'm all moved in now, for the most parts. I have pictures of before and after, which I may share if I get desperate for content (quite likely). I've also finished reading three books, so expect more book reviews quite soon, and comic reviews are easy to mash-out, for the most part.

On another note, this season of "Venture Brothers" is already on its two-part season finale! At least I think it's two parts, they pulled a Doctor Who-type trick and tied last week's episode in with this week's, so that you could theoretically say it was the beginning of a three-parter.

I promise you this will be the last post for a while with fake content, and that I'll start updating daily again. Here's going for a good number of weeks before Fate tries to pull a fast one on me again! Now I have two computers with Internet access, so nothing should stand in my way. Except Fate.

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