Monday, July 28, 2008

Modus Operandi

There's a few things I have to hammer about for this Blog. First off, update schedule.

Well, I'm usually up until 4AM anyway, and I'm in the groove of doing the Spider-Blog every night, so I might as well make it a daily update schedule. Easy as pie.

Now, the difficult part: what do I blog about?

I like comics a lot, and would sort of like to blog about them. Two problems with that. One, there's already a heck of a lot of comic book blogs about there, covering all sorts of comic books. Which is really only a minor obstacle. Two, I haven't bought a new comic book since April, for various reasons. While this trend is bound to change eventually, I also don't have the resources to get any number of new comics on Wednesdays. Therefore, all of my musings would be out-of-date by the time I get to them. I could just talk about old comics, of course. Sure, every single era and genre and character from comic-dom is already covered, but that's no biggie. Plus, any musing I had will be, by design, out of date but out-of-date enough that no one will mind. Done, then. Until I can buy new comics, I shall discuss old comics.

I also like books. Only thing with that is that my initial reading of a book usually takes a little while and I have no idea what the newest greatest thing is, so doing nothing but books with a daily update schedule is folly. However, I already decided on doing comic books, too. So perhaps I can comment on a book when I finish it, whenever that may be. Sounds good. I shall discuss books I read.

Video games are out of the question, because my friend and I are trying to do another Blog to just talk about video games. I spend entirely too much time on the Internet.

Movies, though? Yes, there's blogs about movies. Many of them. Plus, I lack video capture technology, so I'd be limited to talking about movies and showing no pictures of them. Well, when I can get that remedied, I will talk about old movies. New movies, though, which are in theaters? Those are fair game, because other than those dastardly pirates, no one has pictures of them yet! Except for the media, of course.

Television shows? Oh my goodness. Same problem with the movies, really. No video capture technology, but then again, you can watch television shows on the Internet everywhere and with the right software, you can just take picture of them right from the feed. I could probably handle a television show, or two.

Music? I have bought about five CDs in my entire life, so music is pretty much out.

I suppose I could also put in random anecdotes from my life, if I have one that's interesting enough.

So I guess I'll be talking about comics, books, movies, and television shows. Ah, and my life, occasionally. With that, I've completed my second daily post. Hooray! Tomorrow, perhaps some pictures. Spartan blog so far, eh?

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