Sunday, July 27, 2008

Obligatory Introduction

I took a good long look at what I do on the Internet recently. Here's a list, for future reference:

At the Amazing Spider-Blog, I comment daily on a comic strip which always fails to meet my admittedly low expectations. I should not have low expectations for Spider-Man, written by Stan Lee and with art by Alex Saviuk and Larry Lieber. I feel like Prometheus, except instead of getting my liver torn out each day by a hungry vulture this comic strip tears out my heart. Also, other than an unsettling low-level pyromania, I did not steal fire from the gods.

Choose Your Own Adventure is a bit better, as it's prose. I can do prose. I can make it as happy fun as I'd like. However, the main thing about CYOB (as I call it) is that the readers choose where the story goes. They have a knack for choosing the paths which put the heroes of the story through all sorts of trials. It makes for good reading, perhaps, but sort of makes me sad sometimes.

PC/MS is a web-comic. I've been doing web-comics since I really got onto the Internet nearly ten years ago. While the comic itself isn't depressing at all, despite featuring genocide and violence, the fact that I've been actively making web sites few people see for ten years makes me sad.

I'm not sure what all of these have in common, other than me. I do know that I intend for this Blog to be about things which make me happy, rather than things which drain me emotionally and leave me depressed. So stay tuned, folks, for probably about two weeks of updates and then absolutely nothing.

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