Wednesday, September 17, 2008


I have a backlog of entertainment-related things to work through. Unlike other backlogs, this one is remarkably pleasant. What do I have to do, you ask? I shall tell you, as it fills a blog post and makes me feel better for posting more than once a week.

Second Foundation (Isaac Asimov)
Foundation's Edge (Isaac Asimov)
20th Century Ghosts (Joe Hill)
The Collected Words of Edgar Allen Poe
The Last Days of Krypton (Kevin J. Anderson)

Comic Books:
Those ones I bought like, two weeks ago and posted about. Still haven't read any of them.

Grizzly Park
Next Avengers

Video Games:
Final Fantasy III (Nintendo DS)
Finishing a bunch of minor objectives for a bunch of games

This is going to take a bit of time.

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