Saturday, September 6, 2008

Fifty-Cent Bin Excursion

Thursday was a good day. I won't go into details about why, but it was. I liked Thursday. I had class, and halfway through my classes I thought, "You know, I think I'll go to that convient comic book shop that's a brisk walk away from here."

So I did.

The only problem was that I only had five dollars to spend. Conventional wisdom tells me to buy a one-shot, maybe an issue of Spider-Man Family or that Spider-Man Summer Special thing. Both, however, cost a penny under five dollars as do all one-shots. So I start looking at the monthly things, and everything has a little banner on it and I don't really want to put up with some cross-over right now. Trades are right out, as are most back-issues. Then, however, salvation!

Or, at least eight or nine boxes of back-issues priced at fifty cents a pop. With glee, I began to kneel down and look through them, hoping to find a hidden treasure in what would most assuredly be a lot of dreck, most of it from the nineties. One of the very first books I saw was this one:A silver-age style DC book featuring Robby Reed and the Martian Manhunter? Magnificent. Perhaps not as bizarrely magnificent as the next book:
They don't look like any Seven Soldiers of Victory I've ever seen, but I'm willing to give them a chance. I can't wait to find out how these guys got teamed-up. It's sure to be quite a tale. The next three are pretty self-explanatory. I think. A reprint of an issue of "Swamp Thing":

Something trying to be funny. We'll see if it succeeds or not:And an issue of "Hitman" which you can read more about here:
They actually had several issues of "Hitman", but I only bought the one because the others were all part of a larger multi-part story. These next three are things I've been idly curious about for the longest time, and despite hearing repeatedly that they're terrible, I bought them anyway because they look like they could be fun:It's a mini-series where they put the Avengers and other Marvel heroes into a Dungeons and Dragons-type setting. When I saw they had the entire mini-series in the fifty-cent bin, my heart skipped a beat. When I saw they had several copies of each issue, I became somewhat wary, but I still wasn't to pass this up.

When I started looking through the bins, there was some rules I had in mind. If I saw any Aquaman, Firestorm, or Resurrection Man in there, I was going to buy them even if it meant putting something else back. Any old Howard the Duck, too, and while they had every issue of the somewhat recent MAX series in there, which they had no old Howard the Duck. Anything that looked somewhat fun would remain in my mind, especially comics from the eighties. Rambling rules aside, there was one thing I thought I had no chance of finding, but I did:
"ROM: Spaceknight". Magnificent. In any case, I shall be continuing this practice of going through fifty cent bins and looking for treasure. Who knows what my searches may weild? I'll also be reviewing a lot of these, including the Avataars thing.

Heck, especially the Avataars thing.

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