Friday, September 5, 2008

Volcano Taco!

I totally blew that, didn't I? Two weeks, no posts. I also have no readers, so it sort of matches up. After two weeks of pretty much doing nothing but work and school (and actually feeling a lot better since I wasn't at home, which is something I will elaborate upon only if asked), I spent the day at home. However, this post is not about that. One of my excursions involved a run to Taco Bell, and it was inexplicably busy. This gave me plenty of time to look around, and at one point I looked up and saw this:
Thank god for camera phones.A volcano taco, I thought to myself? A volcano taco? So awestruck was I that I sent my friend a text message, and he reacted with bewilderment. Well, I knew I had to have this mysterious Volcano Taco, though I could tell from its redness and name that it was bound to be a bit spicy. I ordered my meal, and my Volcano Taco, and went home to consume my bounty, but not before taking more pictures of it:
It certainly is a red taco, isn't it? I'm not sure, but I think the red shell might have a bit of flavoring in it. That may have been psychosomatic, though. In any case, I took a few bites and was sort of let down because there was no spiciness to be had. Then, however, salvation!

Or, at least, an especially spicy sauce of some sort. A nice little way for Taco Bell to mix things up a bit, I thought. Coming soon: more adventures!

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